Each year we invite veterans, active duty, and military spouses from around the country to join us virtually for a day of panel discussions, workshops, and networking with leaders from some of the most innovative companies.

Focus on Education and Employment
The Invasion features two distinct tracks, offering critical content to veterans and military spouses who are looking for an onramp into great careers in technology. The Invasion merges the two worlds of military and technology! Our Entrepreneurship track is now part of the VetsinTech Startup Bootcamp


Abdul Mansori Community Development VetsinTech
Beth Conlin Strategic Business Development Program Manager Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Dean Drummond Head of Military Veteran Talent Acquisition Adobe
Erica McMannes Founder + Chief People & Community Officer Instant Teams
Jessil Fuhr Instructor VetsinTech
Joshua Baggett Military Relations Lead -RMS Lockheed Martin
Liza Rodewald Founder & CEO Instant Teams
Mason Dillon Senior Instructional Designer Tanium
Michael Pett Head of Military & Veteran Programs Uber
Nelson Colon Instructor VetsinTech
Nick Curry Global Head of Emerging Talent Pipelines Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Roger Duke Professor of Project Management Augusta University
Steve Marlow Web Dev Instructor VetsinTech


Thursday - March 28, 2024

10:00am PST
Why veterans are uniquely positioned to benefit from cyber roles.
10:00am PST
Advice from recruiting and talent executives.
11:00am PST
Transition support for the fastest growing vet population.
11:00am PST
Profile guidance and networking tools.
2:00pm PST
A deep dive into emerging technologies and their trends
2:00pm PST
Hear from vets who have landed in tech.
3:00pm PST
What's New, What's Next, and What We Need from the Private Sector.
3:00pm PST
How to navigate your job search post service.
4:00pm PST
Web Development, Data Science, Project Management Professional (PMP) and Python Fundamental offerings
4:00pm PST
Learn about various jobs in tech - different roles in a tech company.


This cross-section of military and technology worlds is what makes VetsinTech unique, and makes this annual conference a first of it's kind event that creates opportunities for our military heroes from around the country to gain access to opportunities in technology education and employment.

The Invasion merges the two worlds of military and technology and the conference features two groups of attendees:

Veterans, active duty, and military spouses from around the country, in various levels of transition out of their military careers, will convene to receive opportunities for education and employment in the tech industry.

Technology Leaders, Investors, HR & Recruiters, Engineers, and others representing a wide variety of industries with a high-tech focus and communities, will deliver content and lead workshops covering topics for our veterans and their spouses.

MORE INFORMATION: For sponsorship or registration information please contact us at: info@vetsintech.co