FAQS: attendee

Is there a Q & A session at the end of the panel? How is Q & A handled?
Yes. The last 15 minutes of the panel is reserved for Q&A. Use the chat area in the session or panel to submit questions for the speakers. VetsinTech staff will monitor this area and submit your questions to the speakers.
What browser or device should I use for this event?
We recommend you use Google Chrome on a desktop or laptop.
Will there be a Help Desk for this event?
Yes, visit the sessions area to find the help desk. The help desk will be available through the event.
Is the event being recorded? Will the recording be available after the conference?
Yes, the event will be recorded. You can request access to recorded sessions by emailing us at info@vetsintech.co
Will chat be monitored?
Yes, someone on the VetsinTech team monitoring chat.